Conscious travel tips..

I love to travel. I love to learn about other cultures, to step in another’s shoes and have it expand my heart and mind.. I also love to relax, treat myself and explore! From roughing it to lush living, enjoying yourself but still giving back… Here is a little list of tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that support a more conscious travel journey, no matter how you travel.

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What we can do to help the burning Amazon..

The Amazon, the lungs of our world, has been burning for 3 weeks and we are only just finding out. The cause? Farmers clearing the land for agriculture and MONEY. 

Brazil’s president would rather make outlandish claims and dismiss climate change than do anything about it. But this is OUR mother. We are watching. We are listening. And TOGETHER, we have power. So what can WE do?

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Abortion is still illegal in NSW.

I am about to discuss the current state of abortion used in Australia. If this triggers you, please go past.

I believe that I, along with the rest of the world who is not in a place of considering what a woman needs to do to protect her health and livelihood - have no place in deciding whether or not she is able to do so safely. Abortion is heartbreaking for everyone involved - it does not need to be life threatening as well.

This point of view is from a mother to be, a young woman, and above all - a human being with empath and compassion for my peers that understands and respects that if someone felt they had to make this decision, it would never be done lightly.

I respect your feelings and thoughts on this topic, but these are my own and I am sharing them because we have a chance to make a difference.

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Life update!

It’s been a while..

I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve written, but looking over the last few months it’s easy to see where I couldn’t find the time (or mindset). From falling in love with an old friend, packing everything up to move to the other side of the world to chase my career (and be closer to Tom), to nearly losing him in a boating accident, moving back to Australia to support him through his rehabilitation to walk again, becoming pregnant, still travelling the world, starting my own organisation (Murals for Change) and now writing to you from our little love cabin in the hinterlands of Byron Bay - it’s been a whirlwind to say the least. It feels like this is the first time in the journey that I’ve really had a chance to sit down and integrate these past few months and finally - to share the lessons it brought, with you.

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Toolbox of Positivity

No one just wakes up happy every day. Regardless of your natural state of being, personality traits, surroundings - we all need a little bit of help sometimes to let our inner light shine. Positivity is a muscle that you must dedicate time to grow. It brings sunlight to your world - even on the dark and stormy days. It can’t be stolen or lost. It’s always inside of you - and all you have to do to access it is remember to try

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Moni's Treasure Map of Byron Bay

I first moved to Byron Bay about two years ago. I’d spent the previous four years working full time in offices and studying at night and sort of getting caught up in all that city life stuff. It was fun and super fast paced which was good for me, but there was something about it that didn’t sit quite right. In my final year of studying Engineering (which is what I moved to Brisbane to do), Modelling work and love trailed bread crumbs down the highway until one day I just woke up and I was living in a caravan in Broken Head. That summer I gave myself a break - I surfed every day, let my hair grow out, trained my island feet back up again as I ran barefoot though every surface in bikinis and overalls and remembered what it was like to live simply. 

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Conscious consumerism..

I think as human beings, we all want to do the right thing - especially when it comes to something as simple as choosing what we put on our bodies. Somewhere in there, the ‘right thing’ became a trending concept and the world became oversaturated with all the different ways that you can achieve this.. Which is great! But it does all tend to get a little confusing. So, even though I’m not the master and am definitely still learning every day.. I thought I would write down the core values I use when navigating through the ethical fashion world. Because let’s be honest in the green packaging, fancy labels and marketing, the ‘right thing’ can actually become a little hard to find. So, here are my top things I look for when purchasing (even when it’s not covered in green and screaming ORGANIC!).

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Tu me manques (you are missing from me)

We all had that friend in school. The friend who you did everything with. That you felt really understood you. You’d have sleepovers most weekends, competitions of who could fit the most chocolates in their mouth, play dress ups, put music on and dance around the room for hours, laugh until you cried about the silliest things and the only time boys would come up is if you were talking about how gross they were and how they’ll never be as important as you are to each other… If you’re lucky - you still have them. But if you’re like most of us, something happened. You drifted. Maybe you made new friends, someone moved away, started working in a new job, someone got in a relationship, someone changed - maybe you both did.. Because life does that kind of thing. Over, and over and over again. And for some reason, we let it. 

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A letter to myself..

If you’re reading this letter you’ve just reached home. But before you unpack your bags and settle back into the business of ‘normal life’, I want to take some time to write down a few things about our time together just to make sure we never forget.

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Your Own Wonderland

As a child we're encouraged to explore the inner depths of our mind - what makes us excited, curious, sad? There are no expectations, no rules.. By the time we are taught to read and write, societal conditioning has only just brushed its fingertips upon our minds to begin its moulding. But it hasn't taken over.. Not yet. We are allowed a brief moment (some more than others) to play, adventure. To question - what truly makes us happy?

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