Tu me manques (you are missing from me)

We all had that friend in school. The friend who you did everything with. That you felt really understood you. You’d have sleepovers most weekends, competitions of who could fit the most chocolates in their mouth, play dress ups, put music on and dance around the room for hours, laugh until you cried about the silliest things and the only time boys would come up is if you were talking about how gross they were and how they’ll never be as important as you are to each other… If you’re lucky - you still have them. But if you’re like most of us, something happened. You drifted. Maybe you made new friends, someone moved away, started working in a new job, someone got in a relationship, someone changed - maybe you both did.. Because life does that kind of thing. Over, and over and over again. And for some reason, we let it. 

Well I did - mine was moving away. Growing up in a small town, if I wanted to do the things I wanted to do in the world I had to move.. A long way away. Away from family, friends, everything I knew. By the time I got to the City I was so overwhelmed with having to start this new life that I really didn’t allow myself the pleasure of just ‘hanging out’ to make new and genuine friendships. I told myself I was too busy - and I guess I was. I was working a full time job to support myself through university and because I wasn’t naturally that ‘bright’, Engineering took a lot of extra work. Somewhere in there I fell in love and so every rare spare moment was spent next to them.. Sure I made friends, but they never got passed face value. Because real friendship takes time, dedication, selflessness and love… And it’s deepened in the moments where you don’t plan it.

Friendship is made in every moment where you decided to stay instead of go home, in those moments where you don’t do anything but sit and stare at the sky and talk about the world, vulnerability, exploring the purest parts of your heart.. It’s made when you wake up in the middle of the night in excitement or a panic and know that they are the one person that you can call on to share that with. It’s made in making the time to find each other all over the world, in never letting your hearts lose touch, in putting them first when they need you because it’s what they deserve and it’s what they’d do for you. It’s made in being able to be real with each other because that’s what you’re there for - to check each other back into line, to say when you’ve been an absolute idiot, or when you’re doing a really great job - even when you thought no one noticed..

Friendship is found in a heart that wants nothing from you other than to see you glow and grow. It’s found without any bindings but pure enjoyment of your company. No control, no hold - just simple, unadulterated love. For so long I have let my perception of maturing treat these kind of friendships as a luxury.. But the older I grow, the more of the world I see and feel, the more I trust that this kind of friendship is one of the many magical wonders of this world, that if found, should be cherished wholeheartedly, prioritised and treated with every extra bit of effort it requires. And it’s something that I think every balanced, healthy life needs.

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Film taken throughout the South of France, Berlin, Vienna, Procida on MINOLTA PROD-20’s (Limited Edition) 35mm f/4.5 Film Camera.