You Are Sunshine! Sticker


You Are Sunshine! Sticker


“For not one reason, or another

But to send good vibes

to each other.”

I first created this piece sitting in the garden… As the clouds came over I began to feel sad that the sun was disappearing.. But then I realised - even when it’s rainy, the sun is still there - it’s just hiding! Just like the sky, clouds come over us sometimes, and we need the extra push to remind us - we are everything we need to be happy.

I’ve put my own on the top of my laptop, waterbottle, surfboard and car, in hope that it brings joy to people passing by and myself if I ever need reminding :)

Diameter: 120mm
Clear Vinyl
UV Resistant
Water Resistant

Enviro note:
Each sticker comes with minimal to no packaging (depending on where your located), shipped in cardboard envelopes ready for you to recycle. I have made these out of vinyl so that they last the test of time and don’t damage whatever they have been stuck on to. I love these stickers for personalising my waterbottle/jars that I have collected along the way to make them feel more like mine. All stickers come with a message from myself on the back so that you are able to use something that would have otherwise be ‘rubbish’ and keep it as a personal bit of sunshine from my little part of the world, to yours.

Thank you so much for your support x

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